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Posted by: | 15th Dec 2018 | Comments Off on Franking credit refunds on borrowed time

FRANKING CREDIT REFUNDS ON BORROWED TIME? Commentary regarding the ALP’s imputation credits policy is increasing given the imminent federal election and the likelihood of an ALP government. Under the...

Posted by: | 1st Oct 2018 | Comments Off on GST Withholding on real property sales

GST WITHHOLDING ON REAL PROPERTY SALES Since 1 July 2018 a GST Withholding regime has applied to certain real property transactions. The withholding regime is in response to significant...

Posted by: | 11th Sep 2018 | Comments Off on Exempt car benefits and exempt residual benefits

ATO PROVIDES GUIDANCE ON EXEMPT CAR AND RESIDUAL BENEFITS The ATO have released Practical Compliance Guideline PCG 2018/3 ‘’Exempt car benefits and exempt residual benefits: compliance approach to determining...

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